Saturday, May 06, 2006

Personal financial budgeting

How to budget your money effectively? It is very important to do budgeting especially for personal budgeting. This will give you more control over your cash. Actually, it is not so hard to do a budget planning. So, today I will explain on how to budget your cash in a few simple and understandable steps.

What you need:

A pen
A piece of paper
A calculator
Knowledge of your income and expense

Budgeting process

1. List all your income- This may come from different source like salary, interest, etc.

2. List your fixed expense- For example rent, car loan, internet bill, electricity and water, income tax, etc.

3. List all variable expenses- The main expense comes first. Don’t know your main expenses? This article will explain further.

4. Include your savings- Saving money is really important for the future. So, do list this too. I would recommend you to save about 10 to 15 percent of your income.

5. Some money for emergency expense- This will include unplanned shopping, medical expenses, etc.

6. Minus your expense from income- Make sure the value is positive or at least 0. If the value is negative, tweak your expenses.

7. Put your financial budgeting plan at the place where you can see it easily.

8. Make sure you stick with the budget. Don’t over expense!

The whole process will only take about 5 to 10 minutes. Therefore, I hope you can utilize this simple ‘budget planning’ to help you to have a total control over your cash. Good luck!

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Different ways to increase website popularity

Sorry for the long absence from posting on this blog. Actually, I’ve been so busy working on my construction project. I have to make 10 technical drawings and a model for that. So, I’m really sorry for not able to post here and reply to some email. I will do that after this.

Anyway, today I want to talk about how to make people love your website and consequently increase the incoming traffic. There are many ways to do this and I’m sure that you have heard about them before. But, in this post, I will tell you a secret that people always forget when trying to increase their website popularity.

Alexa traffic ranking

Most people like to use visitor counter to show how many people have viewed their website. This is good but do you know that some visitor counter allows you to set the starting number for the counter? And if the counter is set to count the pageload activities, the number will grow up really fast. For this blog, my counter (on the side bar) is set to count the unique visitors only. So, it will give more accurate view on how popular this blog is.

So, the point is, if you can show your alexa ranking, it will give more accurate view on how popular your website among other websites on the internet. For this blog, you can see it under my statcounter. It tells you where this blog sits among other websites. If you can score below 1,000,000, that should be good enough.

Now, why I’m telling you this? People will put more trust on a website that highly referred by others. By having a high rank in alexa, your visitor will know that your website has been read by many people and thus, will give them a good impression on how good your contents are. So, they might probably come again to refer to your website. And if you are lucky, they might tell their friends and this will bring more traffic to your website!

Page Rank

Higher page rank means higher position in search engines. I assume that most of you know this. And I might give you some tips on how to obtain higher page rank in the future. But for now, let’s see how important the page rank in the different point of view; webmasters.

Website which has a high page rank will interest many webmasters. Why? This is because, if they can successfully have a link swap with that website, their website will receive higher page rank. So, if you want to have a link trade, try to find one from a high ranked website.

What will you get from this? First, you will receive higher page rank which means higher ranking in search engines. Second, you will get more traffic from that particular website that you are linking with. Usually, a high ranked website has high density of traffic, so expect more visitors on your website.

How to check page rank and alexa ranking easily?

For alexa ranking, it might be easier if the site has a counter like what I have for this blog. But, if they do not, you might have trouble to find them. So, here is the add-on that you can use to detect the alexa ranking and page rank at the same time: Don’t worry because it is free. This extension will only work with Firefox browser. If you are not using one, you can download it for free by using the link on the side bar (find the button ‘Get Firefox with Google toolbar’).

Apply this to your website and watch your visitor number grows. Remember, higher traffic means more money!