Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm back! (again)

Hi dudes. So sorry for 'dumping' this great blog for so long. Actually, I just moved into my own house and plugged in the internet connection. So now, here I am. Starting to write this blog again.

Lots of stuff happening during my journey to become the next millionaire. It was back in 2006 when I was starting to realize that I have to have a dream which is........ to become a millionaire! I must say that it is not an easy way to climb up there. Looking back at this blog, it reminds me on how passionate I was when I wrote the first entry in this blog.

Then I've gone through a long journey, which takes me to heaven and hell (sort of). I still remember when my Adsense application was kicked out by a Google dude because of some violation on their terms and conditions. Since then, I become more cautious on what I write. But that doesn't mean that my freedom of speech is violated! I'll write everything in here as honest as possible. No worries!

Besides blogging about how to blog, I've wrote a few things about personal finance and how to make money online. You can view these categories in the sidebar (look at your right hand side please!)

Oh, before I forget. I've closed down my paid website for the time being as I feel it is good enough to just writing in this free blog.

Keep in touch guys. Leave your comments, arguments or maybe hatred in my blog. I won't delete it! And for all my fellow feedburner subscribers, thanks for the love!

Cheers, Raja