Saturday, March 25, 2006

Are you looking for the best affiliate programs that can make you money?

If you are looking for the best affiliates to associate with, then you can stop looking around. Why? Because I have the answer for you; right here in this post. As I promised before, now I will present to you the best affiliate program that I can find on the net for the time being. It is clickcash.

Ok now, why do you have to sign up as an affiliate and promote clickcash? There are many reasons for that:-

1. You get as much as $50 for just signing up as an affiliate with clickcash. You cannot find any other affiliate programs that give you free money for nothing. I have looked around for this but I cannot found one (correct me if I am wrong)

2. You will get 10% when you referring new affiliates to this affiliate program. That’s not all. You will get 10% more when your referral refers clickcash to others and so on until infinity. So, how much is that? Do the math, bro!

3. You can easily get new referrals for this affiliate program as they offer the welcome bonus (that $50). This is because most of us like a free things and for this case, we get some free money. Who will reject that?

4. They will pay you every week by check. Do you believe that? That means you will get a steady weekly income for life! But, it will only happen as long as new affiliate sign up for this affiliate program from your referring link.

5. Clickcash has been in the industry since 1996 and they still paying. They even have a good customer service which respond quite fast. I have sent an email regarding the highest affiliate earnings till this day and I got my reply within just 2 days! Amazing isn’t it?

Actually, there are more benefits of being affiliate with clickcash. You can find these in their webpage ( Look under the heading ‘why clickcash’. For this post, I’m just writing the main reasons only. And for the highest affiliate earnings for clickcash, they cannot exposed it and I’m really sorry about that. This is what they replied back to me:-

Unfortunately, for privacy reasons, we cannot release information relating to other affiliates to you.


ClickCash Support Team

I’m pretty sure that affiliates can earn a lot of money. So, it is worth to try as they have a good program to be associated with. I hope you will consider signing up for this affiliate program. Think about the benefits and think about the money, bro!


one more step to become the next millionaire


Friday, March 24, 2006

Affiliates: Make money

It’s been 3 days since my last post here. Actually, I am still researching about the best affiliate program on the net that I can present to you here, so we can get the benefits from it.

I have found some great affiliate programs that really worth of looking at, but I don’t want to just list them all here as for me, it does not show my effort to give the best info on how to be a millionaire. Therefore, only the best affiliates will be reviewed here but just give me some times to get hold of those affiliates and the critical info about them. I will make sure that you get the top affiliate programs to monetize your site.

If everything goes smoothly, maybe I can publish the first post about the best affiliate program today. The latest is tomorrow, I promise!


one more step to become the next millionaire


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I was rich yesterday

Have you heard that sentence before (I was rich yesterday)? Lots of people have experienced this, even a millionaire. Believe me. They maybe received their paycheck yesterday, or won a lottery ticket, or got a big profit from the shares trading, but they have lost their money today. Why?

This is the secret. Maybe many people know this secret but only some of them really practice it. And the result is? They never short of money and live rich like a millionaire although they are not one of the millionaires yet. So, what is the secret?

Control your expenses, or budgeting, or financial planning, anything that you wan to call it. It is so simple. The only thing that you have to do is control your money flow or cash flow. Then the question rises, how?

There are many ways that you can do in order to save your money. Here are some points that may save your cash from running out of your pocket fast:

1. Never spend recklessly. Before you go out for shopping, anything from groceries to vehicles, list down all of the stuff that you want to buy and the quantity. The list may look something like this:-



Chicken (4kg)

1 Lettuce

2 Potato chips

This will prevent you from excess expenditure and of course, save your money. And remember, unless bring the list along when you go for shopping; the list is nothing but a garbage!

2. Do not buy unnecessary things. Have you ever go out for shopping and end up buying all those discounted or promotion stuff? Then, you were broke, right? That is an example of buying unnecessary things. You will lose your money now and then. Why I said that? The answer is in the next point.

3. Prevent continuous out flow of money. Why it is continuous? This is because when you buy useless or not so useful things, you have to do the maintenance right? For example, if you have 2 Mercedes Benz, 1 BMW, 1 Cadillac, 1 Jet boat and 1 Kawasaki Vulcan, imagine how much do you need to spend only to do the maintenance for this things, which is unnecessary for me. In my personal opinion, it is just nice to have only one car that works and has low maintenance cost. And if you really want to cut off your continuous lost, just get rid of those ‘rubbish’ things!

4. Spread the costs. Before, I used to live alone and have to pay all of costs of living by myself. Imagine how much my money flow out at that time. It’s really painful. Now I live with 3 other friends and we share almost all of our expenses. This has lifted some of my financial problem away from me. For example, now I can rent the same apartment for a cheaper price as the cost is divided by 4.

5. Have a doctor buried your credit card in your body. I’m not saying you have to really do that. Of course you can, but do not ever mention my name =). What I want to say is try not to do your spending with a credit card. You may happy now, but you will SUFFER tomorrow. Consider buying only things that are really necessary with credit card. For example, purchase a book from Book is considered as a good investment as people always learn to live better, don’t they?

If you can practice all of these points above, I am sure that you will not end up saying ‘I was rich yesterday’. But you will say ‘I was rich yesterday and still rich today’. Unbelievable? Believe it!


one more step to become the next millionaire

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

FREE search engine optimization!

Ever wonder how a site is ranked high in a search engine? Why mine is not? The answer is you need to do a search engine optimization. So, what is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is a process of optimizing a site/blog with search engine optimizer tool that shows you how to create a site (or blog) that can be traced and highly ranked by search engine. For example, Google, Yahoo and MSN. This is really important as most of the internet users start their search of information by using search engine. If your site is not even included in a search engine, that is the worst thing as you have lost heaps of potential traffic.

Therefore, here I present to you a FREE search engine optimization tool which I found recently. It is called Web CEO. You can find the link at the bottom of this post.

Ok. Now you may wonder what can this search engine optimization tool, or some people called it SEO, offers. This powerful tool actually can help you to build a really great site or blog from scratch. Maybe you have some ideas on some topics, but you still wandering around and thinking on how to make it happen. No worries cause this search engine optimization tool will do it for you.

To make it short, here I list some of the features that you can get from this search engine optimization tool. Note that some of features may not available for free addition but most of them work really well. I know because I have tried it before. So now here they are:

1. Find keywords- this will show you the best keywords that you should have in your content because as I have said before, content is everything.

2. Optimize pages- it will scan your website/blog for any problems like meta tag, keyword density, title accuracy etc.

3. Edit pages- you can edit your pages and optimize them according to the given advice. Really helpful.

4. Submit URLs- no more hassle. Now you can submit your URL to many search engine by just a click.

5. Analyze link popularity- link to your site will determine your ranking in search engine. Believe it or not, the higher your page ranking, the easier you site will get to the top of search engine.

6. Find link partners- as explained before, as link is so important, this search engine optimizer will help you to cut off your time in finding link partners.

7. Manage PPC campaign- if you are using a PPC campaign like adwords, this is essential to you.

8. Check ranking- where is your site sit in search engines? Find out with this great feature

9. Get traffic reports- this features only available for paid subscribers. But you do not have to have this feature actually as there are lots of free traffic analyzers out there.

And some other features like upload files over FTP, control site quality and monitor site uptime.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this search engine optimization tool for free today. As far as I know, you will not find similar great tool like this anywhere. Period! Correct me if I am wrong but try to search at any search engine and I am pretty sure that you cannot find one.


one more step to become the next millionaire

P.S. I will post any tools that may benefit you and me in the future. If you have found one, please share it here. Thanks

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