Sunday, March 19, 2006

FREE search engine optimization!

Ever wonder how a site is ranked high in a search engine? Why mine is not? The answer is you need to do a search engine optimization. So, what is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is a process of optimizing a site/blog with search engine optimizer tool that shows you how to create a site (or blog) that can be traced and highly ranked by search engine. For example, Google, Yahoo and MSN. This is really important as most of the internet users start their search of information by using search engine. If your site is not even included in a search engine, that is the worst thing as you have lost heaps of potential traffic.

Therefore, here I present to you a FREE search engine optimization tool which I found recently. It is called Web CEO. You can find the link at the bottom of this post.

Ok. Now you may wonder what can this search engine optimization tool, or some people called it SEO, offers. This powerful tool actually can help you to build a really great site or blog from scratch. Maybe you have some ideas on some topics, but you still wandering around and thinking on how to make it happen. No worries cause this search engine optimization tool will do it for you.

To make it short, here I list some of the features that you can get from this search engine optimization tool. Note that some of features may not available for free addition but most of them work really well. I know because I have tried it before. So now here they are:

1. Find keywords- this will show you the best keywords that you should have in your content because as I have said before, content is everything.

2. Optimize pages- it will scan your website/blog for any problems like meta tag, keyword density, title accuracy etc.

3. Edit pages- you can edit your pages and optimize them according to the given advice. Really helpful.

4. Submit URLs- no more hassle. Now you can submit your URL to many search engine by just a click.

5. Analyze link popularity- link to your site will determine your ranking in search engine. Believe it or not, the higher your page ranking, the easier you site will get to the top of search engine.

6. Find link partners- as explained before, as link is so important, this search engine optimizer will help you to cut off your time in finding link partners.

7. Manage PPC campaign- if you are using a PPC campaign like adwords, this is essential to you.

8. Check ranking- where is your site sit in search engines? Find out with this great feature

9. Get traffic reports- this features only available for paid subscribers. But you do not have to have this feature actually as there are lots of free traffic analyzers out there.

And some other features like upload files over FTP, control site quality and monitor site uptime.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this search engine optimization tool for free today. As far as I know, you will not find similar great tool like this anywhere. Period! Correct me if I am wrong but try to search at any search engine and I am pretty sure that you cannot find one.


one more step to become the next millionaire

P.S. I will post any tools that may benefit you and me in the future. If you have found one, please share it here. Thanks

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PROGRESS said...

You have very nice,simple,organized blog yet helpful,I made a lot of uesful clicks
I want to ask freom where you got this nice template.
W you check my blog and give me a comment

lyme_85 said...

Sure dude. I will drop by your blog soon
About the template, I got it from blogger template. It looks a bit different as I have done some touch up on it

soma jot majumdar said...

this is just what i was lookin for. one query. i have put a picture on my header of the template but cannot make it fit breadthwise even after editing it. can u have a look n tell me what is wrong