Sunday, May 28, 2006

Why high paying keyword is important

Today, I was stunned when I found out that I got a click for my Google AdSense; it’s worth of almost $2 a click! Maybe it is not a new thing to you but it is very rare for me to receive such a high paying keywords click. Then, I try to find out on how I can maintain this achievement.

High paying keywords

Basically, you can find those high paying keywords very easily nowadays. There are lots of sites that offer low prices for helping you to get these keywords. These are some of them:- - -

But, just having the high paying keywords is not enough because you have to optimize your sites so that the accurate ads will appear.


Basically, start to write an article spontaneously. Only after you have finished writing, then you read back and try to slot in the high paying keywords that you get from keywords explosion or wordtracker. By doing this, you can avoid making the article to look like you just want to get the money from it. And the article’s content will look more related to one another.

Bring down the crowd

As I always said, visitor’s flow is really important. You can’t earn money from high paying keyword and great articles if there is no one who will click on the ads. So, here is the free search engine optimizer that can do that for you (click here - open in a new window). The link will bring you to my personal review about the search engine optimizer. I personally am using it until now. So, have a good look and don’t forget to give it a try.