Friday, April 07, 2006

Oxado: An alternative to AdSense

Have you heard about before? I just found it a few days ago. This maybe a good news for those people who are not qualified for AdSense as it is another contextual ads provider that was established last year (2005). So, what is so great about it compare to AdSense?

From my observation and readings, I found something interesting about oxado. There are some people who claimed that they received 3 times higher CPC than AdSense! You might not believe it because I was not too at the first place. But, after I browse through many forums in the net, majority of people who have tried this program said so. They even said that displayed ads will rotate live in front of your eyes! Surely will catch more attention and give higher CTR.

Then, automatically I was sold to it and go to to take a closer look at what they offer. At the main page, I saw some other facts that really interesting. Oxado claim that they offer better click through rate and the best payout in the industry! But I was not really convinced yet. So, I looked for more information. And guess what I found? They have more than 2 millions ads and the number is still growing. Oxado even partnered with some of the biggest players in the contextual industry; Overture, Espotting, Findwhat, Mirago, etc.

After seeing those great features, now I am really into oxado. Immediately I signed up for the service and after a while, I received an email to conform my application, just like what AdSense do. Then I clicked on the link to conform it. After a while, I received another email from oxado. I thought that my application was rejected and felt really sad. But, the email really shocked me. My application has been accepted! That was not even an hour!

So, I am planning to put oxado ads on my site. Just to compare the performance with AdSense. But, it may not going to happen neither in this is nor my AdSense Help site because AdSense ads is already doing well here. So, my plan is to create another site and run oxado in it. Maybe it will happen after I satisfied with the content of my AdSense Help site.

So, if you want to give oxado a try or want to have a look at the site, click on this link:

I will update this post later as soon as I get new info about oxado. And for those who have tested oxado before, what do you think of it?

Updates: In response to the comments from Stu, I have contacted some people that I can trust. Stu said that he has tried putting some keywords (Kidney failure, dialysis, kidney transplant) into the oxado keywords tool but the tool shows there is no ads related to the keywords. Mr Ad Venture has responded to this saying that the tool is not fully fuctional. Maybe it is true. But when I asked directly to oxado, they said that they do not have ads from some countries like New Zealand. So, there will be none or maybe only some ads displayed for that particular country visitor. You can check the full listing at the oxado faqs. Maybe MrAdventure still does not aware of this. So, I hope he will read this updates.



Stu said...

I went to their page, tried their keyword tool, and they had no ads available for ANY of my keywords. (And they're not particularly obscure keywords, either.)

Me thinks they have a looooong way to go to match goooogle's ad-base.

Oh well.....goes back to fine tuning adsense keywords.........

lyme_85 said...

Thanks for the info, stu

MrAdVenture said...

In reply to the enquiries over keyword tool,this feature is not as of yet fully(or even close)to being functional.I have argued against the displaying of it,but I am just a small voice.
Believe me,with two million ads-they will find something for you!
A heads up that may get my comment deleted-it is not only "not kosher"it is also illegal to hide your affilate URL inside of a privately owned and registered domain such as may hide your URL inside of words or made up URL's but not the real thing.
I shall return to see if I even get published-many do not like bad news or critism,please know that I do not mean it as such,we are all on the same team.
For more info on Oxado please visit A REAL ALTERNATIVE TO ADSENSE

lyme_85 said...

Thanks for the reminder. But is it really illegal? because i have seen many people doing it. and it is done by many big and established website. So, i dont think it is illegal

Stu said...

As per your question in my shoutbox, I tried terms such as "Kidney failure, dialysis, kidney transplant" etc, as I'm sick of getting ads for questionable Chinese transplant clinics on my site

I also tried some generic terms such as "adsense" etc.

I hope these competitors to Adsense do well, as more competition brings benefits to us publishers, such as higher payouts, more ads to choose from etc.

MrAdVenture said...

I was going to add,as way of explanation regarding hiding URL's inside of domains,that the reason I believe it is illegal was because I got in trouble for doing the very same thing and the parent company I was masquerading as( it was,this a year ago)sent me some very nasty emails and I got a snailmail from their lawyers.Perhaps times have changed,or perhaps I was being lied too.I certainly will not be telling anyone,and I agree it is common practise,so go ahead and good marketing to us all!All for one and one for all!

MrAdVenture said...

Foolish of me not to realiize that the answer was so simple.Yes,of course I am aware of the restictions from certain countries,I just never stopped to enquire or investigate which country the question was comimg from.I commend you on your diligent at finding the truth of the matter and I will be sure to be more intuned in the future.
That said I put it to the test.I am a Proud Canadian,one of the lucky countries covered by Oxado.
For the words "kidney failure"and "dialysis"and was offered 10 ads for each and for "kidney transplant" I was only offered 9,so YES country as everything to do with it.I grant you some of the ads offered where pretty weak,such as those annoying lyco's searches-but there was some very good ones as well.

Stu said...

Thanks Mr Adventure,

I've joined up and am now awaiting approval for one of my sites.

I'll try it out for a couple of weeks and see how it goes.

I think it's important to support startups in this area, as more competition can only be good for us publishers.

MrAdVenture said...

I am so ashamed of myself that ever recommend oxado-they turned out to be complete jerks that lure you in with great ads-then switch to their idea of contextual ads and give you garbage.On one of my blogs that deals with drug and alcohol abuse I got ads reading"alcoholism for sale"Get your Drug abuse here"
I urge any reading this to remove oxado from your list of prospects.
There finally is a real alternative to adsense-and that is Alternate URL which you can now use as a primary and do not need the adsense code to carry them.You can pick your own keywords and from what I have seen any ad that Google runs can be called up-just under another name.I suspect but do not know-that somehow the owner of Alternate URL somehow taps into adsense then alters the ad to your specs,and then they(AlternateUrl)keeps a small percent for the service.It must be small as they have been paying me excellently.My theory makes sense if you know the history of AlternateUrl and how they started being a plug in to the google code-they obviously are in bed with each other.I just hope they have a better sense of humour!
Also,I gave up that blogspot address(and someone else as a completely incomprehensible garbal of words) and know have a much more diverse and fair reviews of the many alternatives to AdSense and do not just pump one.I even have reviews and high marks for ad sources that do not pay a referral.
I have matured and learnt and I hope you will forgive my past misguided over enthusiasm and visit my new Real Alternatives to AdSense site.Please forgive the over abundance of ads-I know there are way to many-but it is for comparison purposes.
If you want some more dope on AlternateUrl and a second opinion,check out what this guy in Australia says in his blog called Part One (OK,he is my cousin-sue me !)
I hope you will publish this-as I came here on a Google search-so I am sure others will as well and I want them to have my apology and new info.Thanks and don't be afraid to ask-ANYTHING!

p.s.=BOY IS MY FACE RED!I just read some of the old crap I wrote-no it is not illegal to mask your URL like I said-I was given bad info and like an idiot passed it on without checking it.Again,I ask your indulgence and forgiveness.
Man,can I ever babble-live long and Prosper!Happy Clicking to all!

Aishwarya Rai said...

I have applied as well. Thanks.