Thursday, May 18, 2006

Increase page rank and visibility by using backlinks

How to increase your page rank by using backlinks? How to make your site more visible in search engines? Maybe you have seen lots of blogs that have long lists of links, but don’t receive a good page rank or rank high up in search engines. This is because they don’t study the right way to use backlinks. So today, I will share with you the right way to use backlinks to increase your page rank and make your blog ranked higher in search engines.

Try to get linked by these type of sites:-

1. Web site that has a high page rank. PR of 5 or 4 is a good enough for start

2. Older web site. Usually, they are more establish and thus, have a high page rank.

3. Web site that shows your link at the homepage. Main page usually has higher page rank than the page below it.

4. Web site that put your link high up on the page. This will make a search engine reads your link earlier and thus, more weight to the link.

5. Web site that features your link in their content. This will give you 2 benefits:- higher percentage of click-through and a good page rank as well as higher ranking in search engines.

6. Same as for optimizing keywords, if the link to your blog is stressed (bold, italic etc), it will give more weight to your site

7. Web site that is related to yours. For example, I will rather get a backlink from a PR 3 money and finance web site than get a backlink from a PR 7 adult website. I don’t want my blog to be penalized for that.

8. Last but not least, get a link from a government web site. That is the most powerful one that I ever know.

Try these by yourself and watch your blog grows. Good luck!

Lyme L.

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hedgehogman said...

nice tips
now I am trying to put my links everywhere, but not spamming. goodluck with your blog!

Norbert Orlewicz said...

Thanks for the good tips. Simple but affective. As a new blogger, I will take your advice. Thanks.

mak said...

Great idea for a blog. Keep it up!! :-)

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