Monday, May 08, 2006

Increase visitors by changing template?

As you can see, I have done some minor changes to the template. Now, the main page will display 3 recent posts. But, it will show only the summary for each post. Before, the main page only has one full post. After making some analysis, I found that there are more cons than benefit of displaying only one post here. So, today, I will share my analysis with you.


1. I can put AdSense between contents- This will give better click through rate. Some people said I still do it if I put more than 1 post at the main page but I just couldn’t find the way to do that.

2. AdSense ads show more focused ads- Since the content is about only one topic, so the ads will be more relevant.

3. Forcing readers to click on previous post- Since visitors cannot read previous posts from the main page, they have to click on the link to the previous post at the side bar. So, they will spend more time here.


1. New visitor will never come back if- If the post of that day happens to be not so good, I will chase away new visitors. Remember, visitors want good content.

2. AdSense ads lag- I think most of you noticed this; there will be some time lagging for the ads to show the relevant ads. And advertisements that are not relevant will surely not receive any/small percentage of clicks

3. Visitors won’t have a clearer picture about the blog- They will not know what this blog all about clearly. If you look at the main page now, I think it gives more information of what this blog all about.

4. No description for recent posts- Description is important as it explains to the visitor about the particular post. Now, visitors can choose which post they want to read by just reading the summary for each post.

Therefore, I would love to hear your say about these recent changes. Any comments will be highly appreciated. Personally, I think the new template gives more benefits to my visitors. So, please comment on these changes. Cheers!



Papar said...

Would be kind enough to share how to make categories in the blog?

lyme_85 said...

Since I cannot find other ways to contact you, so I just drop the link on 'how to do categories' here.

It explains on how I do categories in this blog. It was written by one of my friend, Peter.

lyme_85 said...

sorry, this is the clickable link to the post on how to do categories:-