Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A&W Root Beer Float: 1 = 2

Recently, I went to A&W to have lunch with my wife. Actually, that was my first time having any meals at A&W. The burger is quite okay, although it's not the best burger I ever had. Usually, I will only buy their Root Beer Float. I was once addicted to this thing that I buy it almost everyday.

Anyway, during my lunch that day, we only buy one Float and one Regular Root Beer. The regular one is for me although I love the Float so much. Quite strange eh?

Do you notice that the difference between Float and regular is around RM 1.00? That's crazy! RM 1 for one scoop of ice cream? Are you kidding me?

So what I did was:

  1. Buy one Float and one Regular
  2. Scoop half of the ice cream from the Float
  3. Put it in the regular
  4. Stir
  5. Tada! 2 Floats!

And just how much do I save? A LOT! (If I keep doing this on every visit to A&W)

Happy saving boys!


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LaTonya Bynum said...

Pretty thrify idea. Sounds like something I would do.