Tuesday, March 14, 2006

How to generate money from your blog

Like I said in the post last Sunday, you can make serious cash from your blog. Before, I used to think on how to earn lots of cash online and become a millionaire. As I surf the internet, I found there are lots of ways to ‘print’ some good dollars. But, the information are scattered around the web. It is quite hard to get the accurate info. Therefore, I was thinking if I can group these things together and write it in my own, easy-to-understand way.

Here are some of things that you can do to generate money from your blog:

1. Selling ad space- This can be done easily as there are lots of sites that can help you to find advertisers. That means, you don’t have to find the advertiser by yourselves which will waste your precious time. Some of good programs are: Paid-to-promote, Adbrite and Adsense. But, I don’t really like Adsense as they have too many rules to follow. As for Paid-to promote (which is CPM program) and Adbrite, you have more control on how you generate your traffic. If you have bigger blog which can generate, let say 30,000 or more impressions per month, you have better choices like Fastclick and Chitika. For a small blog like mine, Paid-to-promote and Adbrite are good choices.

2. Affiliate program- Affiliate program is a program that functions just like a direct selling advertising. You are the direct seller who sells the products of bigger firms. In this blog, there is a Search Amazon box on you right. I’m an affiliate of Amazon.com which means Amazon is my virtual ‘boss’. Sounds cool right? But the important thing is, if a person purchase something from this blog, I will get some cash from that sale. There are lots of sites that need affiliate out there. I will post some of them here in the future.

3. Sell your own product- Sometimes, you should consider the traditional method which is selling your own product. I’m not the best person to write about this, so I think it is better to leave it to others. But, what I can suggest here is try to publish e-books as the demand for this product is quite good and the cost is reasonably low.

Actually, these are just a small list on how you can make money through your blog. I will keep posting on how to generate money and become a millionaire in the future. So, do come back for updates.


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