Thursday, April 27, 2006

Banking with National Bank? Read this

Today, I want to share with you about my terrible experience with my bank. Actually, I have mentioned the bank before quite a few times. The bank is National Bank. I have used this bank since last year and from that moment; I have faced lots of difficulties. I know that some of you do not ever hear about this bank. The National Bank is one of the banks that operate in New Zealand. It is one the main bank along the BNZ, ANZ, Westpac, and some other banks that I forget their name.

This evening, I went to a National Bank branch because I still haven’t received my bank statements for this month. Actually, I haven’t received it for 2 months and I have made a complain about it last month. They said that they have sent the statement to my old address although I have changed it before. I argued for that as I have changed my address 2 weeks before. “I’m sorry sir but different branch have different database,” that was what he saying to me. Wtf! Its not make sense as they should share the same database.

Anyway, when I asked about the statement today, again, they said that they have sent it. Since I don’t want to wait for too long, I asked the bank to print out a copy for me. Guess what? They charged me for that! It costs $4 for a single statement that I should receive for free.

At that moment, I know that I cannot put my trust on this bank anymore. So, at the same time, I asked them to close my saving account. I want to save my money somewhere else. I want a bank that I can put my trust on and I know that National Bank does not have that.

Actually, there are many other things that I’m not really satisfied with National Bank. One of that is, they charged me for online banking although they said that they will not do so as I am banking under a tertiary account. I’m really pissed off now. S#@t!

Therefore, I hope that you can learn from my mistakes. Search for the best bank which can give you the best customer service as I’m sure that you do not want to walk on my path. As for me, I have to retain my current account with the National Bank for some reasons. I don’t like to have any future business with National Bank but I have to. For your info, I am a sponsored student and my sponsor will deposit the money into my National Bank account every 3 months. If I want to change my current account, I have to deal with so many procedures and I don’t want to waste my time on that. So, what I can do is transferring my money into another bank when I receive my scholarship.

Please share with me if you have a better idea than this. Or if you want to share your difficulties with other banks, feel free to leave your comments here. Thanks.

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