Monday, March 27, 2006

9 reasons why you should use public transports (Part 1)

How do you get to work everyday? Do you own and drive your car everyday? How much does it cost to have a car?

These questions are really important as they affect your financial stability in the short and long term. Did you realize on how much you can save if you use public transport as your main source of transportation everyday? Public transport here means buses, trains, trams, monorails etc.

Here, I will discuss on how you can cut your everyday expenses by just using public transport. You can save a lot of your money everyday for just using public transport; in the long run, of course. Do not tell me that you already forget our dream which is to become a millionaire. Therefore, we should forego our expenses as much as we can.

These are 9 strong reasons on why you should utilize public transports as the everyday transportation:-

1. You don’t have to pay for the gas- In recent years, oil price continue to boom. Why? Because oil is a scarce resource and everybody demands for it. Imagine what happen if this demand continues to rises over the years without other substitute being found? Maybe one day you will find that oil price is just as high as the price of gold! No wonder some oil supplier countries are so rich. If you ride a bus, you don’t even have to pay for the gas. And you pay the same fare even if you stuck in the middle of a traffic jam. If you drove your car in that situation, surely you will have to pay more for the gas. So, how much can you save from this?

2. Toll? Not anymore- I am pretty sure that almost all of the countries in the world have the toll system. Back in Malaysia, we have to pay tolls to use highways. It is true that we can use other alternative roads to avoid them but, the cost is we have to face the traffic jams and the problem discussed above will rise. So, we end up with paying high toll fees every single day. If we use public transport like monorail or LRT, not only we can avoid tolls, we also do not have to face traffic jams. At this stage, we save some more money.

3. Car loan make your world goes around? - Majority of people faces a lot of debt and they spend heaps of time looking around on how to consolidate debts. One of the sources of debts is car loans. So, how can you consolidate your debt efficiently? Finish up the payment as soon as possible? Then you will end up paying more every month. The answer is: - use public transport. Why? Simple. You do not even have to take any loan to ride a bus, right?

4. Spending too much on your car maintenance? - How much does it cost you every time you pay a visit to a workshop? What can you get if you use that money to buy something else? $300? $1000? And you will pay more if you have more that one car. Think again. How often do you have to drop by a workshop in a year? If you utilize public transports, these problems will not be a burden for you anymore because if a bus needs some repairs, you do not have to pay for them, right? Only pay the fare and you can go anywhere you like without having to think of maintenance problem.

This topic will be continued in the next post titled 9 reasons why you should use public transports (Part 2).


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