Friday, March 31, 2006

Wider your income source

Remember that I said before about getting income from various source? I have posted it here. Click on that link if you would like to see it. Anyway, that is not so important. What am I trying to share today is about my new blog, This is my new source of earnings.

As you can see from my blogs, I am an infopreneur. Ok, I heard someone asking 'What is infopreneur?'. It is just a word for people who give information to other people. If you look at my blogs, I like to share lots of info and ideas about lots of things. And of course, I do that for free. This is because for me, knowledge should be shared together as we are not the one who have the rights on it. Knowledge is God's property.

Anyway, back to our topic. We should feel very lucky as AdSense is here. Why? If not, infopreneur like me will have trouble in monetizing our sites. So, I can stick with my belief and at the same time, get some money from my writings.

So, for bloggers out there who still wonder on how to rip more money from AdSense, try to write a few more blogs and monetize them with AdSense. With this, you can avoid losing your income if one of your blog does not attract any visitors. Imagine if you have only one blog. You are finished!


one more step to become the next millionaire

P.S. Check out my new blog, if you are planning to use AdSense to monetize your site. It has lots of tips for AdSense users.


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