Wednesday, March 29, 2006

9 reasons why you should use public transports (Part 2)

This post is the second part of 9 reasons why you should use public transports. You can view the part 1 here.

5. Is your car stolen? – One day, you drive your car to a mall. And when you are about to leave the mall, suddenly your find that your car has been stolen. Really sad, aye? But what about if you take a public transport at the first place, will you face the same situation? The answer is absolutely not. Think about how much money you will lose from that. Worse, if that car is still under loan repayments, you will end up paying your debt for nothing!

6. License renewal issue- How often do you have to renew your license? In Malaysia, I have to do it every year and it really cost me some valuable money. Government just rips off my money from me! Then I was thinking on how to get rid of this problem. The solution is not to have drivers license! Just fetch a bus everyday to work. Problem solved.

7. Thinking of selling your car in the next 2 or 3 years? – Some people like to plan to sell their car after they have used it for couples of year. I have a friend who actually did that. When he bought his car a year ago, he was planning to sell it after 3 years time. He urges me to do the same thing. Guess what I said to him? Hell no! Car value will depreciate fast and by the time you want to trade in your car, you will lose like half of its value. So, just use public transport to save your money.

8. Car insurance- Are you trying to prevent your car from the problem stated above? (No. 5) So you need car insurance, don’t you? Then, you have to pay for it. Unless you can get hold of cheap and reliable insurance policy, you will have to pay really huge amount of money to insure your car. Maybe you can try to look around the internet to find one, but it is really hard to find one that meets those 2 criteria mentioned before. So, do you have another alternative? Yes! Do not buy a car. Just use public transport.

9. Problem to park your car? – In Wellington, we have to pay to park the car at almost everywhere. It is really a burden that if a person has a car, he might not take it to the city because of this problem. So, he ends up with paying those payments (road tax, license renewal fee, insurance etc) without really utilize his car. That is just the same as not having a car and just using public transport.

Therefore, I think these 9 points here have made you think before you are planning to buy a new car. Think of the environment if there is too many vehicles around, and the most important thing is, think of your money that you have to waste. Remember, we are here to be a millionaire. We are not learning to waste our money around when we can avoid it. So, use public transport as often as you can. Think wise, dude.


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