Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Site not found in search engine

First, I want to apologize for raising quite a heavy topic on my last post. I know that not everyone knows and aware on how to do a FOREX trading. And it is quite hard to find a people who can give some comments on that post. Anyway, if you want to share something about FOREX trading, please leave your comments here.

The post before it; about was a hot one which received 8 comments until this post is written (You can read the post by clicking this link). I think maybe it is because the topic can be reached by anyone on the net. I hope you guys will keep supporting my blog. After all, thank you so much and I hope that I can continuously serve you with useful info that you need.

Anyway, for this post, I will discuss about the relationship between a site and search engines. This topic has been raised recently in the Google Help Group, so I think this post may be quite useful to them and others. The problem is, ‘why my site cannot be found in search engine, even when I typed a certain keywords relating to my site?” You can find the answer here.

Why search engine?

Most of the searches done on the net are done from a search engine. That is why they are called ‘search engines’. For the time being, Google holds the biggest percentage of usage among the other search engine, followed by Yahoo, and then MSN. So, if you can placed your site at the top of these search engines for the right keywords, you will likely receive quite a big number of traffic to your site.

How to do that?

There are many important factors that will lead to your high ranking placement in search engines. And you have to know that different search engine requires different criteria. For example, Google gives priority to a site that has a higher page rank to be placed first. In addition, the ranking procedure will change in time, so we have to catch up with the updates regularly. But first, let me tell you the first step to promote your site in the search engines’ world.

Submitting your url

This is the first and most crucial step as many people always forget to do this. As a result, they will wonder why their site is not in the search listing. So, where to submit your url? Some people said, it is sufficient to just submit the url to the top 5 search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.) but, in my own opinion, submit your site to as many search engine as possible. Why? Because these small search engine often focusing on some specific visitors. This means, that visitor will use their search engine to do searches on a specific topics; i.e. business and economy.

How to find search engines?

You can do this in the easy way or the hard way. Let me tell you the hard way first. Fisrt, open the Google search engine. Then type ‘submit a site’ or ‘search engine’. This will give you thousands or even millions of results. Then, open each links and begin your submission process. This may take some of your valuable time but, it is free. As almost all of us like free stuff, so go for it.

Okay, then let me explain to you the easier way to do this. Find a url submitter. You can find lots of them out there but sadly, you have to pay for it (most of them). So, what about if I tell you that I have found one FREE url submitter that has many other useful features. Are you interested to give it a shot? It is a-must-have program for a webmaster and the name is Web CEO. This may sound familiar to you if you follow this blog from the beginning since I have posted my review on it before. You can read the review here.

To be honest, I have seen the effects from this program after I used it for a couple of weeks. Now, if you can see my Alexa ranking (at the sidebar), it shows that this site is at the 588,433 place from millions of sites on the web. And as for the Google page rank, this site receives 3 out of 10. All of this happens after I used the Web CEO for just 2 weeks and my site only 1-month old! Isn’t that amazing?

What should you do?

If you ask me this question, I would say go for Web CEO. It is free, easy to use and the most important is, it saves your precious time. So, grab your free copy today or go to this page to read my review on it.

If you have tried Web CEO before or have some other suggestions, feel free to drop your comments here. Cheers.

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Stu said...

PR 3 after a month? Cool!

My domain's been around for a month or so, obviously still a PR 0, but alexa ranking around 157,000.

I'm not sure at the validity of search engine submission increasing PR, the only way I can see this happening is that it's submitting to directories and generating masses of backlinks.

As I said, I have a PR of zero, but am still showing up in Google reasonably high for some of my keywords. I've got a stack of backlinks, so I'll be interested to see what happens to my SERP's as pagerank increases.

I'll give the software a go - nothing to lose I guess.


lyme_85 said...

Some search engines do help you on PRas they have quite high PR. For example Search NZ.

Web CEO also have the link partners' finder which is great to increase your PR